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Oct 5, 2012 5:00pm EDT
. 4-year-old noel michaels is learning man's best friend could be a girl's best accessory. noel's parents say she was tiny a at birth, under 2 pounds. a primi who arrived before her lungs could fully develop. >> she's been on oxygen her entire life and we're thinking that she'll probably be on it for quite some time, if not forever. >> reporter: notell is constantly tethered to an oxygen tank. this tank weighs ten pounds, noel weighs 30 pounds. a big load for a little girl to carry alone. but that's where monte comes in. this georgia girl with a similar lung condition and her service dog were on the "today" show. that segment inspired noel's mother to find the same help for her daughter. the michaels did some research and with donations, they collected $10,000 to get their own service dog. monte came from north star, the foundation typically provides dogs to autistic kids. but they took the challenge to match noel and monte. >> that a girl. >> reporter: monte was trained just for noel. tell me what you think about your dog. >> good. >> it's good? >> yeah. >> reporter: do you lik
Oct 3, 2012 5:00pm EDT
. that ties the game at 1. bottom eight now. it's a 3-1 game. fans with a giant michael morris head. morris, an aha moment. blasts one to center. 18th home run of the year. puts the nationals up 5-1. and that's your final. the nationals finish with a 98-64 record. they will be the top seed in the national league, and will play on sunday. it will either be the cardinals or the atlanta braves. this was the scene in the third inning. a precursor of things to come. teddy receives a pair of yellow underarmor cleats. good marketing there. he's feeling good. feeling like this could be the day. to the race. teddy starts out behind the other three. he gets some help, but it's from the philly phanatic. taking down george and tom. it leads a wide open path for teddy. race number 539, and he gets it done. his first win since 2006. and guess who i have joining me now, it is -- come on in here, teddy. here's my question for you, my friend. andy, this man has to speak for teddy sometimes because he can't talk. but teddy, i have to ask you this, okay? you don't have the shoes. why don't you have the shoes?
Oct 4, 2012 5:00pm EDT
possession, billy joe tolliver, to michael haines, for a 75-yard touchdown. next possession, tolliver to andre risen, in less than three minutes the falcons scored twice and were back in the game. >> i think we got a wakeup call quick, you know. scoring on the first two possessions, and now we're back in the game. now let's play some football. but we have to have the attitude that you've got to finish people when you get them down like that. we didn't do it today. >> yet, it was rippen that wasn't finished. three more touchdown passes including the 64-yard bomb to the hall of famer art monk. that tied rippen for most touchdown passes in a game with the legendary sammy ball. >> anytime you've got a guy that's led the ball in passing, punting and interceptions in one year, you know that's a tremendous athlete to tie a guy's record like that. i feel honored for a first. just one of those days that the situation arose to do something like that. >> the skins roll over the falcons 56-17. but gary clark also had a chance to honor his grandfather who had died the week before this game. the th
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3